Why Is It Unethical to Throw Trash in Someone Else’s Dumpster?

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While it may be perfectly legal to throw trash in someone else’s dumpster, one need to question its ethicality. Personally, I faced a situation when a person would throw trash in the dumpster I hired. Considerate people would hire a garbage container rental instead of choosing to put trash in another dumpster. In this blog, I will discuss the reasons why it is unethical and even illegal at times to dump trash in another dumpster. 

The person may have to pay extra 

Dumping trash in another dumpster may be convenient, but it will add to another person’s anguish. Debris carries a lot of weight, and since the weight of the trash is most likely to be higher, the rental will charge the person more. The invoice for the garbage disposal service may present an embarrassing situation for the person. 

It may be against the municipal by-laws 

Dumping one’s own garbage in another dumpster may be against the municipal by-laws making it a punishable offence. The laws can be stringent in some provinces. An offender can be fined for using someone else’s dumpster. 

Trespassing may be involved

garbage container rental places the roll-off dumpster at a place that is convenient for the customer. It may include a space that is part of someone else’s property. Throwing trash in the dumpster may involve trespassing, an offence for which a person can be prosecuted.  

This adds to the headache of the service personnel.

The service personnel have a hard time dealing with waste when someone illegally dumps trash. Hazardous waste can expose them to the risk of injuries. The rental may charge a person extra for handling hazardous waste. 

It shows a lack of concern for environment

A misdemeanor like dumping garbage in someone else’s dumpster instead of hiring a garbage container rental shows an utter lack of concern for the environment. The act can be considered similar to littering since it is done unlawfully. As the dumpster is right-sized for the garbage disposal requirement, the waste is likely to overflow.