Tips To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal

While living in Brantford, there are many ways to dispose your waste. However, there is nothing like having a garbage disposal in your kitchen. It is one of the most convenient ways to dispose your waste. However, care must be taken while using the unit in order to have it running smoothly and avoid too many plumbing issues and repairs. Here are a few tips on how to keep your garbage disposal up and running.

1. Know what to put and what not to put

Garbage disposal is usually used to dispose food wastes only. So avoid putting glass, metal or plastic. You should also avoid dumping fibrous objects as they can entangle with the blade. Pouring fat, grease into the disposal can further damage the unit.

2. Run the disposal even when not in use

Letting your garbage disposal stay unused for a while can cause the blades to rust. Hence, it is advised to run the unit every once in a while with cold water in order to avoid rusting. Also, the cold water would help wash down any food or grease that may be stuck around the garbage disposal unit.

3. Clean the unit every now and then

Grinding a few ice cubes once in a few weeks can help maintain your garbage disposal. You could also run the disposal with vinegar and baking soda from time to time to kill the bacteria. Avoid using any harsh chemicals such as bleach or drain cleaners are these could damage your disposal. You must also avoid using hot water as this could melt any grease present only to solidify around the blades or walls instead of getting washed out completely.

4. Exercise caution

Don’t ever use your fingers to pull out any clogs as the blades could hurt your fingers. If your garbage disposal unit gets clogged use tongs or a plier to clear the food that is clogging the drain. In case you accidently drop something into the disposal, make sure you unplug the unit before taking any action to prevent any shock.